Friday, August 28, 2009

More on the Benefits of Karate....

...last night found me in a Nidan (second degree black belt) class. The adults can come to the class, and we'll work on different things. Sometimes going back to the fundamentals and sometimes learning really hard new kata.

...a few nights ago, we reiterated a good reverse punch. Last night, we learned how to correctly to a mitsurin dachi (jungle stance). Part of practicing the mitsurin dachi was to do consecutive ones across the mat. To do them with the most benefit was to do them without standing up completely between the stances. So it was basically like doing the crab-walk, but with a lunge from. This, let me tell you, was like doing the lowest walking lunges you could imagine. I was able to do them pretty well, albeit not perfectly. And it really hit home how much stronger I've become in the last several years. Those are HARD!!

...we also practiced neko dachi (cat stance), which is more technical, but not as physically challenging as the mitsurin.

...the total geek in me loves learning more. Loves the feeling of frustration at not being able to get something the first time so I have to practice to get it. And it's that feeling of learning that has made me more fit than I ever have been in my life.

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