Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Just a Number....and X update

...In this world of being obsessed with numbers, I find it to be cruel and unusual punishment that muscle weighs more than fat. A person my size, who starts an exercise program, will likely GAIN weight when exercising, because they're ADDING muscle. So from now on, I will not be stepping on the scale. It's too depressing.

...I just finished day 5 of P90X. And let me just say, that I'm having to make some serious modifications to my schedule to get this all in. And, unfortunately, so has my husband. I suppose I should just do the workouts at night, where I'm not pressed for time, but I'm really trying to do them in the morning. Plus, I am a mom, who, even in the morning, will get interruptions. So I've been making modifications... whether it be to skip Ab Ripper X (which I need to do later in the day if I'm going to keep that up... is a great work-out that shouldn't be skipped), or to cut the main workout a little short so I can fit in Ab Ripper X (which I did this morning).

...My type A personality is going nutso right about now.....

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