Sunday, August 23, 2009

Legs and Back X....

....holy cow! I did the workout just fine (only having to stop before the "kids" a few times throughout the workout), and felt fine afterward even. But late last night/early this morning and today, I really understand what someone meant when they said it was "Assripper X".

... and to continue on my contstant theme of modifications to the schedule and workouts, I substituted Kenpo X yesterday with Sparring on Friday and moved Legs and Back X to yesterday and didn't do the Kenpo X. My thought is that Sparring is similar enough to the Kenpo X. Not exactly, and I didn't work out the same length of time, but I'm going to try to not feel guilty about it.

... I actually took today off. My body needed it. The guilt I feel is in that I ate and drank way too much this weekend. Oh, well. I wasn't watching what I ate and drank before I started this nonesense, I'm not really going to start now. But I really should. ;-)

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