Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adventures In Getting Fit....

...ok, so I'm already part way there. But this blog will be about my progress and bitches and moans on my constant journey of self-improvement.

...My lastest adventure is the P90X program. My friend Brett started it several months ago, and finished the 90 days. Back in June, I borrowed the discs from him, and did the first week. Then I got a rotten case of the shingles and gave the discs back as I lay around, high on pain meds. I got my own set of discs and have done the first two days of the program. When I get the chance and grow the balls for it, I shall post day 1 (or 3... will be within the first week) pics so that I can track my progress.

...So far, I'm having more trouble than the first time I tried this program. I'm not sure why, either, unless it's the fact that I've taken it fairly easy over the summer and have lost some of my stamina. But I'm going to go at it, and whoever will want to read will get to hear me moan and gloat all along the way.

...For those of you who don't already know me, I have been doing karate for about 3 years now, so you will get to hear about martial arts along the way, too.

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